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Commissar Finale and Suggestions!

2007-08-09 15:42:51 by Jakeabod

Hello Fellow Newgrounders! The last Commissar game is in production and i'd like to ask all the good people who have played my games to suggest some ideas for the last installment. Since my last nine games i've learned alot. Invincibilty after getting killed, clear the shots off the screen when entering a new stage, better sounds, animations and more creative platforming. I also have created my own A.I. and allowed more freedom in controls and ways to play. All i want to know is some suggestions for the finale and future games!

Commissar Finale and Suggestions!


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2008-06-04 10:28:27

UHH CAN CONTROL a tank can melee attack can throw a bomb and dude why so much weird sounds?


2008-06-04 10:32:42

oh dude do not forget to add character select